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ts and a relia●ble longtime● partnership◆. It is a ◆fact worth ment○ioning that Huawei h●as been in coop〓eration with m■ost of the major ◆mobile operat

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Euro●pe.The Europ●ean attitude to○wards Huawei also ●represents a widenin◆g gap between the t■wo sides of◆ the Atlantic, w〓ith an openness to○ safegua

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eralism and pro〓tectionism, and pr●omises brighter◆ economic 〓prospects ○with new bu●siness models ●and other innovativ◆e ideas generated by■ the quicker a○nd advanced 5G● network.S〓pain is not the f●irst in Europe to ◆use Huawei techn●ology, and is sur○ely not the last

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o●ne. Please scan■ the QR Code to foll〓ow us on Instagram■Please scan ○the QR Code to f■ollow us on Wec◆hatA number of reaso●ns would explai■n why China has○ emerged as an innov○ation supe●rpower. You hav○e to take i◆nto conside

ration t○hat it鈥檚 the worl●d鈥檚 most populous n●ation and the ■second largest eco○nomy in our globe.● The rise of ○China did not ●happen by accid○ent. T

he late Chi◆nese leader ●Deng Xiaop◆ing had paved the p●ath to prosper■ity by introduci■ng reform and open〓ing up.Why◆ China is leading i●n innovation?Why Ch〓ina is leading in i○nnovation?1○1-20-2019 17◆:59 BJTSo as we can ●see for ourselves,● China will continue◆ to push ahead o○n innovations an○d our enti●re world will be a●

much better place○ for it.Please s●can the QR ■Code to follow○ us on Instag●ramPlease scan the ●QR Code to follow● us on WechatChine○se telecom● firm Huawei ■has announced◆ the launch〓 of its latest li■ne of 5G-pow◆ered devices, i?/p>


餹cluding a highly an○ticipated folding 5G■ smartphone.Huawei○ launches latest li◆ne of 5G smar■tphonesHua●wei launches○ latest line of 5G■ smartphones10-24-2


〓019 14:57 BJ〓TPlease sc●an the QR Code to fo◆llow us on Ins■tagramPlease scan〓 the QR Code to fol◆low us on W■echatFedEx's● claimed misdelivery● of Huawei p●ackages not

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